Our products are artfully crafted to help you feel good and live inspired.


Our products are artfully crafted to
help you feel good and live inspired.

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We've compiled a list of some frequently asked questions floating around Lolalandia™. We are always adding to our list as more questions come up! An essential part of our mission is to provide honest and transparent cannabis information. If your questions aren't answered here, please drop us a line!

Who is Lola Lola™!?

Lola Lola™ is a vessel for our intentions, to infuse every bud with love, connection and creativity. The name embodies the spirit of freedom, whimsy and expression. We are Lola, you are Lola, we are all Lola Lola™.

Where is Lolalandia™?

Lolandia™ is the place that cannabis lifts us up to. The cloud at the end of the rainbow.

What is Lola Lola™ Farms?

Lola Lola™ Farms is a network of grow operations including our main farm in the magical soils of Mendocino County, California, as well as partner farms that meet our stringent requirements for sustainable growing practices and top-notch product. Our Lola Lola™ Farms network enables us to grow quickly as demand for Lola Lola™ grows, and to consistently introduce the best new strains to our customers.

What are the cannabis laws in California?

In November of 2016, California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalized the use of recreational marijuana in California for adults 21 and over, as well as the sale and cultivation of marijuana in compliance with strict regulations. Medical marijuana use has also been legal in California since 1996.

How do I obtain a medical marijuana card?

Any doctor can prescribe a medical marijuana card. You can even schedule a video visit with a doctor and receive your recommendation online at Get Heally

What is Lola Lola's™ return policy?

Our policy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it at the dispensary where you purchased it.

How does Lola Lola™ select strains to cultivate?

We focus on strains that are as delicious as they are powerful. We particularly curate our product line to offer strains that have strong aromatics and terpene/cannabinoid interactions.

If I'm a licensed dispensary, how can I carry Lola Lola™?

Drop us a line at wholesale@lolalola.com and a Lola Lola™ sales rep will schedule a visit to provide an overview of our full product line and retail support activities.